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Wholesale Jerseys.”Playoff priorities!” tweeted Chris Nowinski, the CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation. “Miami QB Moore crushed helmet-to-chin, can’t stand for [two] minutes, missed one play.” Later, Nowinski added Moore “should have been tested in the locker room.”Players are not going to protect themselves. CBS’ sideline reporter noted that Moore told medical personnel he felt able to play. His willingness to return to the field so quickly illustrates the difference between NFL players and the rest of us. China Jerseys.The thrill and urgency of competition, along with an uncommon lack of fear, draws them back. Those urges are unconquerable. The procedures in place are fully responsible.At halftime, another “future of football” commercial ran. It detailed how the NFL tests cleat patterns for how they affect impact on the turf, and it shares the information with shoe companies to help players make smart choices.The right pair of shoes is not going to protect Moore’s brain. Nothing except not playing football at all could do that. The NFL’s protocol should at least mitigate Moore’s risk in the most obvious moments. Sunday afternoon, it failed him.Cheap Jerseys China.

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