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Cheap NFL Jerseys.Daniel Brewer arrived in London on Sunday morning wearing a Jacksonville Jaguars onesie and face paint, complete with black whiskers, brown spots and a blue nose. He had come with fellow fans from the English city of Reading to cheer on the Jags as they took on the Indianapolis Colts beneath sunny skies at Wembley Stadium.”None of us naturally are Jags fans,” Brewer confided. “We all have our own roots, but because they signed a contract, they’ve got our hearts.”The Jags have signed to play one game in London each season through 2020, making them the closest thing to a hometown team here. They’re the only U.S. team to make a multiyear commitment, according to the NFL.Like most of the nearly 84,000 spectators who turned out for Sunday’s game, which Jacksonville won 30-27, Brewer’s favorite NFL team wasn’t on the field.Discount NFL Jerseys China.Brewer first got interested in American football through a woman he met at college from Baltimore.As the National Football League enters its 10th season staging games in London, the events have proven wildly popular, routinely selling out and drawing fans from across Europe. Brewer and many other fans here say they want more games — or even their own team.Unlike football fans in a U.S. NFL city, though, those here divide their loyalties among the league’s 32 teams. Ride the tube — London’s subway — on game day and you’ll spot a jersey from every NFL team in a matter of minutes.NFL Jerseys Cheap Sale.

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