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The National Football League has become a 24-7 reality television show that dominates the news cycle year-round.Cheap Jerseys.Thanks to TV programs like Hard Knocks, A Football Life and Undrafted, as well as annual events like the NFL draft combine and the college draft, professional football has become a seamless production, cast with good guys and villains (each of us gets to decide where Tom Brady and Roger Goodell fit). Throw in fantasy football, mix in all the ways you can consume the content, and you have today’s NFL economic model: Destiny: The Taken King PS4 bundle–except with real people.Cheap NFL Jerseys.The Dallas Cowboys have not been to the Super Bowl in 20 years but the shrewd marketing of owner Jerry Jones and a gold mine called AT&T Stadium have kept the team atop the NFL’s financial ledger.But the golden goose of television money cannot last, right? Too many commercials and not enough action on the field during the three-hour broadcasts. But there’s just enough time to hit that NFL Now app and the NFL Fantasy Football app to check out the scores highlights and stats of other games to see how your fantasy roster is doing.Wholesale Jerseys.To certain degree, all sports–which should be viewed as huge social networks–are using technology to cast as big a net as possible.

The Minnesota Vikings’ Divisional Round win against the Saints is one of the more spectacular finishes in sports in recent memory. Wholesale NFL Jerseys.Without question one of the best NFL finishes of all time.There’s the calm (and fear of losing) to start the video as the Vikings start from their own 39-yard line. Suddenly, Diggs makes his reception and sprints down the sideline. It’s followed by fireworks lighting up the stands, as a roar like you’ve never heard before overcomes the stadium. (The official is also being a gigantic party pooper by throwing a flag because Diggs threw his helmet.)It then pans over to Diggs, being surrounded by his Vikings teammates as they celebrate their seemingly impossible victory.There was no way for the Saints to win once Stefon Diggs carried Case Keenum’s Minneapolis Miracle heave over the goal line with zero seconds left in Sunday’s playoff game — but that didn’t mean the game was over.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.After the Vikings’ celebration and New Orleans’ dejected march back to the locker room, officials were tasked with regrouping for one last play — an extra point that would have no effect on the outcome of the game whatsoever.But for gamblers, it was one last chance for the Vikings to cover a 5.5-point spread. For conspiracy theorists, it was an opportunity to prove the league kowtows to the high-powered sportsbooks that handle millions of dollars in wagers each week.It turned out to be neither. The officials’ decision to drag out a final untimed play was merely a leftover function of the regular season’s playoff tiebreaker process.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Minnesota, facing non-existent pressure from a Saints’ defense that fielded just eight uninterested players (including its injured punter), took a knee and resumed celebrating.

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